The Four C's of Selecting an Orthodontist

Your choice to pursue orthodontic treatment will have lasting impact upon you and your family. However, your selection of an orthodontic office will have a big impact on your experience. Because orthodontic treatment requires multiple appointments over the course of months, we believe you should consider your treatment experience, and not just results, as a factor in selecting the right orthodontist.

Dr. Righellis' unique approach to orthodontic care revolves around what we call "The Four C's". They are Care, Concern, Comfort and Convenience.


An essential part of your care is your treatment experience. Our web site will give you an accurate portrayal of our doctors, staff and philosophy, but the best way to get to know us is during a visit. Your own feelings will be the best measure of how well you feel cared for.

Quality care comes from experienced hands. Our clinical staff is not only warm and caring, but highly skilled-and gentle. Dr. Righellis is a Board Certified orthodontist who makes treatment decisions based on your best interests. Additionally, Dr. Righellis teaches his modern and successful approaches to treatment to other orthodontists across the nation and internationally. He is also an Associate Clinical Professor at UCSF and University of the Pacific.


You should feel like your orthodontist and staff care about you, your comfort, and your health. You want to be informed of both your treatment and your progress. You don't want to feel like a number being moved through the system.

Our team begins building a personal relationship with you from the first contact, and keeps current on your progress. Our whole team is truly invested in you and your success, because your smile is our signature.

Our team is very good about explaining each step in advance, and is trained to provide accurate and clear progress reports as a standard part of each appointment.


Your comfort should be the primary concern of your orthodontist. Stories of painful procedures and torturous treatments are part of the past. We utilize the latest in bracket and soft wire technology to provide stunning results- with minimal discomfort. We will do everything possible to minimize any possible discomfort while you are enjoying our special care.


We value your time. We use the modern techniques and appliances, so normal visits are often five to seven weeks apart during your treatment. We will personally craft your appointment schedule to minimize your time away from school or work.

While some of your appointments might be during school or work, our office takes pride on being right on time, every time. You can almost set your watch by our efficiency.
We are so committed to remaining on time every day that we reward our patients (and their drivers) who are on consistently on time.

Your Choice

When choosing the right orthodontist for you, think about the "Four C's". We're certain that no matter how you stack the "C"s, Dr. Righellis and his approach to orthodontics will get an "A".

Call today for a no-obligation examination with Dr. Righellis and our treatment coordinator.