Dr. Righellis is recognized around the world as an expert orthodontic teacher, innovator and contributor to advances in modern orthodontics. Dr. Righellis has spent his career redefining the parameters of diagnostics and treatment to give you and your family the best possible results using safe and reliable treatment methods.

Righellis & Associates is proud to offer you treatment options perfectly matched to your specific orthodontic needs and lifestyle.

AcceleDent© – a small appliance used daily to reduce the overall duration of treatment and lessen any discomfort associated with regular adjustments. www.acceledent.com

FACE Evolution Hybrid Self Ligation System - â€‹specialized brackets that allow greater control for precision to provide precise results with fewer adjustments.

Ceramic braces – low profile, virtually undetectable braces that provide excellent results in an unobtrusive form.

Invisalign© – a series of progressive removable retainers that allow you control of your appearance during treatment. www.invisalign.com

Digital Radiographs – a safer and more convenient alternative to traditional X-rays. A digital scanner creates a detailed image of your jaws and teeth in a quick, non-invasive manner. The resulting computer image provides a highly accurate, tool for more precise diagnoses and customized treatment recommendations.