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Orthodontic Care for the Entire Family

Dr. Righellis and Dr. Renie Ikeda are board-certified orthodontists – a select group because less than 1 in 3 orthodontists are board certified. This demonstrates the skill, knowledge, and commitment to providing you with the highest level of care at all times. Becoming board certified signifies the pursuit of continued proficiency and excellence in orthodontics.

Dr. Righellis and Dr. Ikeda believe in treating every patient like a member of their own family. You can take comfort in knowing that their skilled and caring hands will provide you with exceptional service.

To see what sets us apart we invite you to visit our Oakland orthodontic office. Call us at 510-482-0600.

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Yelp Reviews

Amanda B.
2021-02-01 19:29:59
We've been told for a long time by our dentist that my three children would need extensive orthodontia. When it came time to start the process with my...
Bill K.
2021-01-15 00:13:19
it feels odd to share that I enjoy going to the dentist - but I do! The reason is that I feel better afterwards. 5 months ago they took a 3D image of my...
heidi k.
2020-11-16 09:20:51
We've seen Dr. Rhighellis and now Dr. Ikeda for many years. My son has a tricky situation with 11 missing permanent teeth! Pretty distressing and daunting,...

Your smile will always be in great hands!

Our doctors have decades of training and experience to help you get your beautiful smile. Both are teachers, leaders and authors for the profession of orthodontics. Their skills, training and experience help you with the proper diagnosis and best possible, most accurate treatment plan of care for you. And all the while, keeping you informed through every step. They listen to understand your  concerns and answer all your questions.

Call us at 510–482-0600 to schedule your orthodontic consultation.

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Does My Child Even Need Orthodontics?

You may be wondering if your child even needs orthodontics! We have got you covered on that. Here’s a link to your free report.

Dr Righellis

Did you know Dr. Straty Righellis is an internationally known author and educator?

He lectures all over the world teaching practicing orthodontists how to deliver great care with enhanced results for their patients. Now with his new Righellis Teaching Center right next door, orthodontists travel to the Bay area to see him and learn, too.  Want to know more?

Learn About Dr. Righellis & Dr. Ikeda

The Team at Righellis & Associates

Our talented and experienced team that creates a fun, friendly, and compassionate office, conveniently located in the Montclair District of Oakland.

We believe in providing the highest quality of orthodontic care and first-class service as well as a beautiful smile for life! Our team will exceed your expectations every visit and will guide you through the orthodontic process with the utmost care and enthusiasm.

Righellis Orthodontics specializes in customized orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages. And yes, that includes adults who have decided it is time to do something about that always nagging smile issue you may have always wanted fixed. You are going to like what we can do for you.

How to Choose the Right Orthodontist For You

Choosing the best orthodontist can be challenging or a chore or even a little scary for some. We understand. Righellis Orthodontics is here to help you make an informed choice, the right choice for you.

More Than Just Braces: Advanced Technology for Comprehensive Patient Care

We continuously strive to stay on the cutting-edge of our field. In addition to utilizing advanced technology in our office, our entire team routinely attends courses in continuing education. This ensures that our patients receive the highest level of care possible. Each patient’s orthodontic needs are unique, which is why we develop treatment plans based on his or her specific diagnosis.

Our team uses the latest techniques to ensure your comfort and care, to deliver a smile you will be proud of!

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Righellis & Associates is a wonderful practice. All the staff are very professional and the visits are so fast and well orchestrated. The rewards program is a great incentive for my son to be prepared with clean teeth. I also love the nostalgic feeling of the office that hasn’t changed since I was a patient there over 25 years ago.L. A.
Righellis & Associates is excellent. The orthodontists do a great job of fixing your teeth. I used to have a large overbite and teeth that were weirdly spaced and at strange angles. Now, after going to Righellis & Associates for awhile, my teeth are much better. At appointments, everyone is kind and helpful. They always make sure you are comfortable. I definitely recommend it.A. S.
I can’t believe the kindness and comfort that is provided at the Righellis and associates office. They take care of you and always welcome you with your needs and concerns with with no trouble. They make you feel excited about your appointments and make sure everything is to your standards.A. M.

Functional and Cosmetic Excellence

We understand that orthodontics is more than just braces and straightening your teeth. Modern orthodontics is about giving you a stunning smile and the right function that will increase your confidence and improve your quality of life.

Myths & Misconceptions in Orthodontics

Orthodontics today can be so much more than just making straight teeth with braces. Its about making beautiful, symmetrical faces and big, broad, beautiful smiles that help create a better future for your child or perhaps yourself.


Wondering what orthodontics can do for you? See for yourself.

During your consultation, we will take the time to cover all available options, address any concerns and questions you may have. Dr. Righellis can design a custom orthodontic treatment plan to create the smile of your dreams. We’re much more than just braces.

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We have patients who live in Oakland, Berkeley, Piedmont, Emeryville, Montclair, San Leandro, Rockridge, Orinda, Lafayette, Moraga, Eastport, and many more surrounding areas. If you are a picky parent searching for the best orthodontist in the Oakland, CA area, wouldn’t it make sense to give us a call?

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