About Board Certification

Did you know that less than one in three orthodontists is actually board certified through the American Board of Orthodontics?

Founded in 1929, the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) is the oldest board in the dental profession. The goal of this prestigious organization is to continue the advancement of orthodontia while educating the public on the importance of properly aligned teeth.


Why is Board Certification So Important?

You may be wondering why choosing an orthodontist is so important. Every dental professional begins their training at a four-year accredited dental school. Following graduation, and aspiring orthodontist will continue on to a two- to three-year residency focused on their field of specialty. This additional training is an extensive process that requires hundreds of hours of study, passing a laborious set of written and clinical exams, and an extensive peer review just to be considered competent in this field.

Board certification, however, is what sets an orthodontist apart from the others, as it is only attained by approximately 28 percent of orthodontics in America. This process shows his or her level of commitment to excellence in their chosen field. When you choose an orthodontist who has been recognized by the American Board of Orthodontics, you are choosing someone who is dedicated to ensuring you and your family receive the best possible care and the highest level of patient satisfaction.

Board Certification Renewal

In addition to this, it’s important to know that your orthodontist is required to renew his or her certification every 10 years. This ensures that he or she is dedicated to staying up-to-date on advanced technology and treatments, while continually learning new and improved solutions for any problems that may arise. Diagnosing patients properly to offer the best treatment plans and understanding possible complications, is exactly what a board-certified orthodontist is capable of handling.  The goal is not just about pretty straight teeth but also improving the overall health, stability, facial balance, and function for the patient.

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At Righellis Orthodontics, we are proud to have a Board Certified Orthodontists in Dr. Righellis and Dr Ikeda.

Regardless of whether you choose braces, Invisalign, or any of our other orthodontic treatments, know that you are in the hands of an orthodontist who is totally dedicated to providing exceptional care and service. We invite you to visit our Oakland, CA office today and see what sets us apart! To learn more, contact us online or give us a call at 510-482-0060.

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