Do You Want Your Orthodontics Done Faster?

Introducing Acceledent, a new technology that can save you months of being in braces and get the work done up to 30-50% FASTER.


How does it work? This revolutionary device delivers micro-pulses to the jawbones (It doesn’t hurt) that enables the bone to change faster so your teeth move faster naturally.

Any downsides? Not really. It does take a few minutes a day on your part of using the special mouthpiece. And patients don’t seem to mind because of the other benefits.

Any other benefits? Yes! Many patients tell us that Acceledent helps relieve the general discomfort that patients can have with orthodontics.

Dr Righellis is a resident expert on this technology. He teaches the use of Acceledent to orthodontists worldwide, so he really knows how to use the device to help you get treatment done faster and with enhanced results.

Ask us about it when you call 510-482-0600 for your new patient appointment.

Dr. Righellis & Dr. Ikeda
Meet Dr Righellis & Dr Ikeda
I can’t believe the kindness and comfort that is provided at the Righellis and associates office. They take care of you and always welcome you with your needs and concerns with no trouble. They make you feel excited about your appointments and make sure everything is to your standards.A. M.

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