Digital X-rays

Dr. Righellis believes that using the most advanced orthodontic technology and the latest treatment techniques are paramount to a successful treatment plan.

Our practice is dedicated to providing you with comfortable and safe options that offer the most precise and specialized treatment.

X-rays are a crucial diagnostic component in the treatment planning process.

We use digital X-ray technology in our office because of its advanced imaging options and for the additional safety and accuracy they provide.

About Digital X-rays

Rather than conventional film, digital radiography uses an electronic sensor to obtain images of the teeth and supporting jawbone.

The digital images are then easily stored directly to a computer and allow Dr. Righellis the ability to see beneath the skin, under the gums, and between and inside your teeth.

Best of all, digital x-ray systems emit far less radiation compared to traditional units.

Dental X-rays are the same thing as orthodontic X-rays except that dentists use the technology to focus on the individual teeth to spot tooth decay, while orthodontists need a broader picture to determine the position, size, and shape of your teeth and jawbone to create the most effective treatment plan.

With the use of digital X-rays, we can determine if surgery, extractions or dental work are necessary prior to your orthodontic treatment.

Benefits of Digital X-rays

Radiation safety from X-rays has evolved significantly over the years.

With the option to now use digital orthodontic X-rays, radiation exposure is extremely low – much lower than from natural sources during the course of a day.

Here are several ways in which digital X-rays benefit our patients:

  • Modern equipment filters out unnecessary radiation and focuses the X-ray to beam only the area of interest. Digital X-ray machines expose patients to up to 80% less radiation than those who use film. Traditional X-rays are relatively safe but digital is a much safer option.
  • This imaging tool allows us to see what is truly happening below the surface of your gums, allowing us to anticipate and prepare for future concerns.
  • Reduces exposure time by capturing images in seconds. No more waiting for the film to be developed in the office darkroom. The images are instantly available on a computer screen.
  • Once images are on the computer, we can see all of your oral and facial structures from a wide variety of angles and extract all the images we need without having to take additional X-rays.
  • It’s easy for us to share your digital images with your other dental health providers or specialist, as needed.
  • The software we use allows us to zoom in, adjust the contrast and brightness or enhance the image, resulting in better quality photos.
  • Improves diagnoses and clinical outcomes – allows us to detect problems easier.
  • Digital images equal better dental records. These can easily be stored for easy access and compared between new and older images allowing us to see the progression of your treatment plan.
  • Digital dental X-rays are safer for the environment since they do not require film processing – eliminating the need to dispose of harmful waste products.
  • Enhances the comfort level and ease of our patients.

What is the Procedure for Taking Digital X-rays?

The procedure itself is actually very quick and easy. Digital X-rays use special digital sensors that we will place in your mouth to capture images instead of the old traditional photographic film.

These images are ready immediately and allow us to detect orthodontic issues that may not be visible during an oral examination. We feel they are a true necessity and important role in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of future orthodontic problems.

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If you ever have any questions or concerns about digital X-rays, please let us know. Our team would be happy to discuss it further.

You can contact us online or give us a call at 510-482-0060.

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