FACE stands for Functional And Cosmetic Excellence

FACE is a post orthodontic graduate program designed to provide the finest in orthodontic care. FACE stands for Functional and Cosmetic Excellence. This program is taught in Europe, South America, Japan, China, Spain, Italy, Germany and the United States.

Dr. Righellis has worked as a professor and an advocate for the FACE program since the early 1990’s. His philosophy of care addresses the aesthetics, function and overall health of your smile.

The concept uses time-tested principles, comprehensive diagnostics, treatment mechanics that cover a range of issues, and the most advanced orthodontic technology, to not just treat the dental system but the overall facial system as well.

As Dr. Righellis describes it, “The FACE curriculum demonstrates advanced technologies in diagnosis, such as CBCT images, improvements in mechanics with self-ligation brackets, streamlining wire sequencing, skeletal anchorage, as well as accelerated tooth movement techniques to demonstrate continued reduction in treatment time, [and] fewer office visits while maintaining high-quality outcomes.”[1]

The FACE ideology addresses every element of oral health. This means that Dr. Righellis and his team do not just focus on correcting just your tooth alignment and jaw alignment but also improving your facial aesthetics and airway as well.

Orthodontic Puzzle Pieces

Dr. Righellis describes it as taking all of the different puzzle pieces connected to your mouth and jaw and then putting the puzzle together.

This is done with a plan and treatment so that in the end, your bite is optimal, your teeth are well placed in your face to create a beautiful smile, and your long-term jaw joint health is assured.

Approaching orthodontic planning and treatment this way gives more predictable results.

When your orthodontist spends more time on diagnosing and planning, you spend less time in treatment.

Dr Righellis: Author, Teacher and Expert

Dr. Righellis teaches this two-year comprehensive FACE course study in orthodontics and he notes, “It is the only postgraduate, interdisciplinary continuing education program offered within the orthodontic profession.”

He also ensures that every single person on his team at Righellis Orthodontics are well versed in the education behind this concept and that these methods are applied to every patient who comes into his office.

It totally changes the way the team sees the patients and how they determine treatment protocols.

What is the FACE Evolution Bracket?

The FACE Evolution bracket is a fully redesigned and advanced bracket that Dr. Righellis has helped design and one that we use in our practice.

Benefits of using FACE evolution brackets include:

  • Shorter treatment times
  • Fewer office visits
  • Better outcomes
  • Greater intraoral comfort
  • Less friction
  • Ultralow profile makes a more efficient bracket
  • Increase durability
  • Matte finish – rather than a noticeable shine
  • Reduces adjustments or alterations from the original treatment plan
  • More optimal torque for moving teeth
  • Removal of these brackets won’t damage precious dental enamel

What Makes the FACE Evolution Brackets Better?

The new FACE Evolution system provides the orthodontist with more control over the friction and torque needed to correctly align the teeth, resulting in a 15% reduction of patient treatment time.

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[1] http://www.orthodonticproductsonline.com/2015/10/face-movement/

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