Mounted Model Analysis

Modern orthodontic technology and techniques have changed considerably over the past 20 years.

Orthodontists who are passionate about learning and adopting the latest technological advancements, provide their patients with an enhanced level of treatment and impressive results.

 However, there is no substitute for the skill, experience, and education of a highly-trained orthodontist. Dr. Righellis has been in practice for over 40 years with 20 over those years, teaching other orthodontists new technology and improving patient care.

Precise Orthodontic Treatment

One important innovation in recent years is the mounted model analysis, which Dr. Righellis uses to create the most accurate and customized treatment plan to treat even the most challenging orthodontic conditions.

The mounted model analysis uses mounted plaster models of your teeth to simulate your jaw and the way it moves.

This technology is key to in-depth understanding of the movements of your mouth and to analyze discrepancies in your bite and the position of your teeth.

What is a Mounted Model Analysis?

The key to a mounted model analysis is a special instrument called an articulator.

An articulator is a mechanical jaw simulator.

Mounted to the articulator are the plaster molds of your teeth. Together, they create a three-dimensional simulation of not just the movement of your jaw but also the relationship of the joints, muscles, teeth, and other supporting structures.

The articulator is a pivotal piece to help Dr Righellis and Dr Ikeda see the exact misalignment and limited functional movements of the patient’s mouth.

This kind of detail is impossible to gather from a hand-held model analysis, which is still widely used by other professionals in the industry.

At Righellis Orthodontics, we believe the mounted model analysis is crucial to fully diagnose the exact orthodontic issues affecting your alignment and create long-lasting smiles.

When to Use the Mounted Model Analysis

Mounted impressions help determine the mechanics of your bite and jaw position and how to best correct them.

Occlusion refers to the way the teeth fit together when in a closed position.

Mounted model analysis allows us to evaluate all of the contacts among the teeth and if they are in harmony with your jaw joints position.

Dr. Righellis may recommend mounted model analysis if:

  • A patient has fractured teeth and/or worn teeth.
  • A significant amount of restorative dentistry is planned for the patient.
  • Regular diagnostic methods predict uncertain results for the patient.
  • Patients describe or demonstrate clinical signs of TMD.
  • Patients have pain in the facial and neck muscles, joints or a history of headaches.
  • Patients show evidence of bruxism.
  • A patient complains of an uncomfortable bite. It may feel “strained” or it may be more comfortable to not put their back teeth together.
  • Patients have a limited number of occlusal contacts when closing their mouth.
  • There is the presence of joint clicking and popping when the patient moves their jaw.
  • Patients show signs of degenerative joint disease from an anterior open bite.

A Leader in Cutting-edge Technology

Dr. Righellis is proud to be a leader in cutting-edge technology and continuously strives to be your number one choice when you’re looking for an orthodontist for you or your loved ones.

The mounted model analysis is used concurrently with other diagnostic methods. Dr. Righellis’ innovative approach to combining technology creates the most specific treatment plan for your unique orthodontic needs.

When your orthodontist has a passion for improving smiles and has spent the last 40 years dedicated to doing just that, you know you’re in the right place.

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