Accelerated Orthodontics

When considering braces, you may be wondering how long you will have to wear them.  Generally, 18 to 36 months is the expected time frame to correct most orthodontic conditions. Accelerated Orthodontics is a treatment that can reduce treatment times to three and eight months. This impressive technique can be utilized in most patients, teenage through adult and has become a well-researched and expanding trend in the field of dentistry. Dr. Righellis is among the top-tier orthodontists who practice in this emerging field of orthodontics.

What is Accelerated Orthodontics?

Accelerated Orthodontics was developed after two decades of research. This treatment uses regular orthodontic devices such as metal and ceramic braces, Invisalign, and lingual braces in combination with minor oral surgery. Using periodontal oral surgery, which activates the bone that surrounds the teeth, completes the treatment in less time than traditional braces. This stimulates and softens the bone allowing the teeth to be moved at an accelerated rate while also adding new bone to create a better foundation for the teeth.

What Are the Benefits of Accelerated Orthodontics?

  • Increased bone volume
  • Improved facial features in some cases
  • Fewer extractions
  • Repair of existing bony and soft tissue defects
  • Increased tooth and post-orthodontic stability
  • Straight teeth in less time
  • Any type of braces may be used

Additional benefits may include an alternative option to keep teeth that once required removal in traditional orthodontic settings and the ability to eliminate invasive jaw surgery for some patients.

Orthodontic treatment, in general, is effective in correcting your bite to alleviate facial pain, headaches, and help prevent temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD).

What Are the Drawbacks for Accelerated Orthodontics?

  • New field – not enough research regarding long-term effectiveness
  • Teeth will shift quickly, requiring more frequent visits to your orthodontist
  • Cost – dental insurance will not cover this procedure

Am I a Good Candidate for Accelerated Orthodontics?

To answer this will require a consultation with Dr. Righellis. It’s important to remember that each patient’s mouth is different as well as the severity of the orthodontic issue.  This technique always requires the proper diagnosis to create the correct individualized plan of treatment. Accelerated Orthodontics does work but be prepared that they may not be the best option for your needs or they may not work as fast as you would like. If a person’s teeth require a lot of correction, traditional orthodontics will be the only choice.

At Righellis Orthodontics, our goal is to achieve your desired results in the safest and most effective manner. During your consultation, we will discuss the pros and cons, risks, cost, and what would work best for your unique situation. If you are a great candidate for accelerated orthodontics but the cost of the treatment is a factor, we will go over the many different payment plan options we have to offer you.

What Else Should I Know About Accelerated Orthodontics?

You may see advertisements or posts online about homemade remedies and do-it-yourself approaches to quickly moving your teeth. The most important thing you should know is that you should never try to move your teeth on your own. These options being offered have no orthodontic approved guidance or safety procedures. There is no one there to guide you through the process and ensure that your teeth are moving correctly. Impatience can result in damage to your teeth and will actually delay your treatment instead of accelerating it.

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