Patient Testimonials

Dr. Righellis and Dr Ikeda believe in treating every patient like a member of their own family. You can take comfort in knowing that their skilled and caring hands will provide you with exceptional service. These reviews can give you an honest and unbiased look at their practice, services, and quality of care.

Best orthodontist in the Bay Area.Bonita A.
Dr. Righellis is an awesome orthodontist! He did my braces about 20 years ago and now he is taking care of my daughter. My daughter has a difficult case and I would not trust any other orthodontist to treat her. His staff is professional, friendly, and helpful.Elena M.
I don’t know how they do it – this is the best run medical office I have ever seen. Efficient, on time, exceptional service and everyone in the office is a pleasure.Claudia H.
Wonderful, professional staff! We are in good hands!M. K.
This is a really good place to get your dental stuff for kids and adults with no pain. I give this 100000 (100k) stars!N. S.
This is the best orthodontist I have ever been to!!!!!!!! #the greatestE. G.
I love how I am treated so respectfullyR. W.
Paskow, DDS Testimonial
Excellent service. Dr. Righellis and his associates provide personalized care. They have greatly helped to improve my appearance and teeth alignment.A. C.
The people there are really friendly and always make me feel welcomed! I highly recommend this place!M. D.
All of the staff at Righellis & Associates are nice and welcoming. Not only are they kind, but they are also good at their jobs! I would recommend them to anyone looking for an orthodontist!A. J.
I can’t believe the kindness and comfort that is provided at the Righellis and associates office. They take care of you and always welcome you with your needs and concerns with with no trouble. They make you feel excited about your appointments and make sure everything is to your standards.A. M.
Righellis & Associates is a wonderful practice. All the staff are very professional and the visits are so fast and well orchestrated. The rewards program is a great incentive for my son to be prepared with clean teeth. I also love the nostalgic feeling of the office that hasn’t changed since I was a patient there over 25 years ago.L. A.
The entire Righellis team is pleasant, organizes, professional and kind. And they are always on time. It’s a pleasure to go to their office.C. K.
Righellis & Associates and staff are very nice people. They make me laugh, they help with my teeth, and Debbie is awesome!D. H.
I really like how nice and professional the staff are. I also like how the staff explain to you in detail on what the appointment will consist.N. H.
All the staff is very friendly and helped fix my teeth. After braces they are completely straight. Thank you!E. S.
I really like everyone who works here, they are all super nice and explain things in detail to you. Also, it is almost always running on time so you do not have to sit in the waiting room for a really long time.J. G.
Righellis & Associates is excellent. The orthodontists do a great job of fixing your teeth. I used to have a large overbite and teeth that were weirdly spaced and at strange angles. Now, after going to Righellis & Associates for a while, my teeth are much better. It’s really good. At appointments, everyone is kind and helpful. They always make sure you are comfortable. I definitely recommend it.A. S.
I came in with really crooked teeth. I left with a beautiful smile! Thank you.M. G.
Both my sister and I go here! It is an amazing place and all of the staff are super nice!G. P.
the office staff is really nice but most importantly, the dentist and assistants who work on your teeth are professional and knowledgeable.N. W.

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        All of the staff at Righellis & Associates are nice and welcoming. Not only are they kind, but they are also good at their jobs! I would recommend them to anyone looking for an orthodontist!A. J.

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