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There are several ways to search for an orthodontic practice. Many people peruse websites and read patient testimonials. These are fantastic methods. What if you could obtain a recommendation from another orthodontist or dentist? Even better, right? How about several?

Dr. Straty Righellis is the premier orthodontist in the Oakland area. I have known him for nearly twenty-five years to be warm, gracious, and knowledgeable. Dr. Righellis’ office is state of the art and the staff reflects his passion for excellence. This excellence includes not just making teeth straight, but also creating a healthy environment for the jaws and the best facial esthetics.Dr Carl Roy, Virginia Beach, VA
I have known Dr. Straty Righellis for over twenty years and had the pleasure of teaching with him for the last ten. He is without a doubt my orthodontist of choice in the Bay area for my patients who are relocating to the region. He utilizes the very latest in technology to achieve clinical results that are beyond reproach. His staff is extremely well trained and very professional. Best of all, Straty happens to be a really great guy!Dr Douglas Knight, Louisville, KY
Dr. Righellis is highly respected among the most well know orthodontists around the country and internationally. Any patient of mine who transfers to the Oakland area is given only Dr. Righellis’ name, because I know they will have a great experience and an excellent result.Dr Taylor, Suffolk, VA
Dr. Righellis & Dr. Ikeda
Meet Dr Righellis & Dr Ikeda
Excellent service. Dr. Righellis and his associates provide personalized care. They have greatly helped to improve my appearance and teeth alignment.A. C.

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